KITO | The 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

KITO | The 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

KITO | The 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)
October 15 to 19, thousands of merchants gather in Guangzhou for the 130th China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair).As the world's largest offline exhibition under the COVID-19, this session of Canton Fair is of great significance, providing great chance for the Chinese enterprises to show their own products and brand. KITO brought tiles, slab and foam ceramics debut in building materials area of Canton Fair. Around the concept of Home|Where the heart is, let the world appreciate KITOs business layout One Core and Two Wings.

In this Canton Fair, KITO exhibition hall takes ceramic tiles, slab and foam ceramics as the carrier to create a warm home.The intuitive booth design attracted plenty of merchants come to take photos in our exhibition hall; The creative interaction combined with our production of green energy new materials left a deep impression on the merchants.

Chairman Ma of Foshan International Chamber of Commerce and his colleagues came to KITO booth

<Chinese Brand Story>Column made an interview with KITO

Foreign merchants took photos at KITO booth

Our unique booth design attracted countless merchants come to visit. The high-quality and innovative products are the fundamental reason why KITO really attracts guests.KITO showed leading key products of 2CM tiles,new digital mould and sugar effect slab,green energy new material. The merchants experience the charm of KITO products through looking, listening and touching. We warmly introduce products to customers and patiently answer customers' questions about the products.

We demonstrate the sound insulation test of our foam ceramics to merchants

We discuss the detail of our products with merchants

We introduce our slab to merchants

It is worth mentioning that our green energy new material products have attracted much attention and admiration of merchants. We showed a large area of foam ceramic art components such as hollow components and relief background wall.We also specially provided pigments for merchants to make DIY paintings on the background wall made by our green energy new materials. Through this interaction, merchants can truly feel the excellent performance and advantages of our green energy new material such as light weight, high strength, waterproof and moisture-proof, exquisite pattern, can be colored.Many merchants actively participate in our interaction.

Merchants made DIY painting on our foam ceramic

It is great honor that our foam ceramic got the official recognition of Canton Fair! Every year, the Canton Fair will hold the selection of the Canton Fair design award (CF Award),selecting Chinese boutiques with both great design and market value.KITO green energy new material stands out among many products and has won the gold award of the CF Award in 130th Canton Fair.

 Canton Fair Design Awards (CF Award) Ceremony

KITO won the Canton Fair Design Awards (CF Award)

The Canton Fair has been successfully concluded, and we are full of harvest. With the strong support and recognition from all parties to us in this exhibition, the consistent trust and firm choice of new and old customers, we will continue to spare no effort to develop, produce and promote more high-end and textured products, continue to expand our brand influence and competitiveness, and let KITO's name resound in every corner of the world.

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