R & D

R & D

R & D Leaders overcome the barriers

Trend Development, Influence on Creativity and Value of Innovation Technology both are parts of Philosophy at KITO's Workplace.  

The desire to create innovative products that look great is at the heart of what we do. We constantly strive to enhance our products to exceed market expectations.


1. Design Service
1.1 For those who buy KITO porcelain tiles used for engineering projects, KITO will provide corresponding design solutions for reference.
1.2.For our glazed tiles used for home decoration, you can find proper design materials or ready-made prototype room on KITO website.
1.3 The dealers of KITO porcelain wall and floor tiles in other cities or countries need to decorate the exhibition hall afresh to display our new products. KITO can offer design solutions for decoration.

2. Customized Service
As for the engineering projects that need a large number of tiles and have special requirements for sizes and surface effects, KITO can offer customized service.

Specific Processes:
For ordinary tiles, after receiving customer's design drawing or real object, we will deliver sample to customer for affirmation within 7-10 days.
When receiving customer's affirmation, we will carry out production within 60 days. During production, we will implement final test to service pieces of samples in advance and send them to the customer for affirmation. We can not execute mass production until we receive the affirmation from customer.
During the course of production, KITO quality control department will control product quality on site. In addition, it is greatly welcomed if customer appoints QC to do site instruction.

3. Training Service
3.1 KITO will regularly hold knowledge lectures to teach consumers tile knowledge and train them how to maintain tiles.
3.2 KITO will release industrial news and information to guide consumers how to correctly select qualified porcelain tiles.

4. OEM Service
KITO provides OEM services. The minimum order is 3000 square meters per type.

5. Order Requirements
5.1 Order quantity: 1x20'fc
5.2 Lead time: 30~45days; 30days for urgently orders
5.3 Shipping port: Foshan China, Jiujiang China, etc
5.4 Terms of payment: T/T, L/C
5.5 Customer location: Any country

Glazed Tile Guide

Glazed Tile Guide

General Observations
1. It is recommended to acquire an extra quantity of products from what is specified to compensate possible breakage, cuts and future need.
2. Before installation, please check if the reference number, size, tone and quality are the same in all the boxes and if they correspond to what indicates on the invoice. It is recommended to assemble a panel to evaluate the product before installation.
3. Some products intentionally have different tonality among the pieces. It is important to mix pieces of glazed tiles from different boxes before installation so as to emphasize the natural effect of the product.

Installation Instructions
1. Carefully clean the entire base.
2. Check the level of the base. Irregularities higher than 4mm on every 2 meters should be corrected before installation.
3. This product can be installed with different types of mortar. Choose the one indicated by the manufacturer for its application, and follow the suggestions for preparation, application and time of setting.
4. KITO's glazed porcelain tiles that have the same size of 30×30cm or 120×120cm or bigger than that must be laid with a dual-adhesive technique using a toothed trowel of 8mm. For the sizes bigger than 45×45cm or 120×120cm the toothed trowel of 10mm must be used.
5. The use of minimum joint of 1.5mm, indicated for this product, is mandatory. Respect the construction. Asymmetrical layout: when one of the sides of the piece is equal or greater than 45cm the maximum spacing differential recommended is 15% of the largest lateral side. After tapping, remove the excess mortar from the joints.
6. Respect the setting time of the mortar before walking on the floor, leaning against the wall and starting the grouting process.
7. Use a rubber spatula to apply the grout, pressing diagonally inside the joints.
8. Clean the ceramic tile by removing the grout residues while they are still moist. Use circular movements with a sponge or cotton cloth moistened with clean water.
9. The time for opening the floor for traffic must follow the recommendation of the mortar manufacturer.
10. For the cleaning of this product, use only neutral detergent and water. The use of abrasive products and chlorine-based detergent as well as scouring can all damage the surface of the product and must be avoided.

KITO provides total guarantee to all its extra class products according to the norms of ISO13006, when correctly specified and installed.

Important Information
1. Claims are only accepted with sales invoice.
2. An installed product is considered as an accepted product.
3. Ceramic coverings are not guaranteed for no scratches and loss of shine.

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