About Us

Welcome to a world without boundaries.<br>A Theory That Built Our Company.
Welcome to a world without boundaries.<br>A Theory That Built Our Company.
Welcome to a world without boundaries.<br>A Theory That Built Our Company.

Welcome to a world without boundaries.
A Theory That Built Our Company.

Our start , history and adventure of Tiles…

In 2004, Mr He Qian, holding an MBA degree from the CEIBS and a Bachelors degree in Ceramic Manufacturing from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, with an entrepreneurial spirit, founded the company that was to become the Guangdong KITO Ceramics Group Co. Ltd. . It all began with one of the first two Collections that he created, manufactured and sold to worldwide customers: IT Stone & DG Series. 
Breaking the boundaries of creativity is a reason why the Stone & Concrete Cement look is still an enduring and everlasting trend today.. With this, the founder of the Group forged the first link in what is still the DNA of KITO: Research and Innovation in the Service of Beauty.

About Us


“ We are constantly evolving as we are interacting with the world. 
Mindfulness and growth mindset drives our evolution faster and on right tracks.” 


"We enable economic growth through innovative, aesthetically-appealing and sustainable product’s development, and we consistently provide solutions that support communities and protect the planet."

HE Qian

HE QianChairman, CEO & Founder

He Qian holds an MBA degree from the CEIBS and a Bachelors degree in Ceramic Manufacturing fromJingdezhen Ceramic Institute.

He Qian holds the position of CEO and General Manager in KITO group, a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned executive with over 35 years of experience in ceramic industrial and owns a proven track record of successfully helping KITO to grow faster.

He Qian is a frequent contributor to numerous charities. He was named the outstanding person of Foshan PublicWelfare Charity of the Year in 2019.

"The highest good is like water.Water gives life to the ten thousand things and does not strlve." is the most important principle of Mr. He Qian's life, and the Leader’s vision and actions are also congruent with these values. These values are the foundation upon which the Company’s Corporate Culture is maintained.

Mr He Qian’s Leadership leads KITO Group from one glory to another.

HE Qian


This year in history

KITO, popular ceramic tile manufacturer has been founded in 2004 in Foshan, Guangdong province.   
The company demonstrated that well-executed branding could add value to the company. With a distinctive logo on the packaging, it was easy for customers to identify in KITO a good quality product.
The KITO’s first Production System was established based on two production lines :
The Brand debuted to outstanding success. The products have received a great response in the global market.

Showroom standout

The first KITO showroom was built in Hangzhou province.
The store was designed with a elegant and “distinctive KITO flavour” underscored by the use of luxurious and innovative materials throughout. The layout was split into different spaces that encompassed various collections.

KITO unveils a new plant in Jingdezhen 
Being Excellent Series Marble Tile

In June, KITO inaugurated a new facility in JIngdezhen, in Jiangxi province. and developed strategic and effective decisions to accelerate its expansion.
The total area of the new plant is over 250,000 square meters. 
It is a project based on innovation, efficiency, environmental compliance and sustainability, as well as the working environment for employees.
The factory has an output capacity of 6,6 million square meters per year. for four lines of production processes. 
This new facility took the company to the next level and represented the company’s growth foundation. KITO evolved in capturing new segments with new products, expanding into new markets with the realistic looks of its marble tile where the detail with textures and color-veins variation became exceptional detail, making contemporary tile looks one of the hottest options on the flooring market.

Unveils Flagship 

KITO Unveiled its first Flagship 
In July, the flagship exhibition hall of KITO ceramic tiles was opened up.
A innovation visions for the new flagship with a design that harmonized with the sourranding complementary relationship between Architecture and Topography, while adhering to the image and character of brand.
The company showroom is a space that welcomes customers from all over the world, as well as hosting training sessions, events and important meetings. 
A space designed in 2008  with the aim of capturing the essence and identity of the KITO brand, the most effective and authentic expression of the KITO style.

Revolution 2009 to evolution 2021 

As technology progresses, the process of adding graphics to ceramics and porcelain tile has become even more efficient, thanks to the development of digital printing technology, and ink jet technology. 
KITO has installed the new machine with the latest technological process in its production lines in the Sanshui plants.
The big change was reality : set an ink jet porcelain tile or ceramic tile next to a natural stone, and they’re nearly indistinguishable. The revolution 2009 became evolution 2021.



Strategic approach to innovation
In April, the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center world event had an important presence of KITO as a main supplier of porcelain tile and building material from the official pavilions of the following countries: Russia and Canada
Worldwide Exhibition

KITO participated in the MOSBUILD, the must-attend building and interiors exhibition in Russia event , to be strategically among the globally recognized ceramic brands and be able to create a universal message as well as increase brand awareness.

KITO on Stage 
KITO in its constant evolution and internationalization presented its products at Coverings, the Global Tile & Stone experience.
Performing by Design

In June KITO obtained the important award of the 1st China Italian Ceramic Tiles Design Competition.

Brand - focus on craftmanship
KITO has launched the first series of craftsmanship ceramic tiles with antique Chinese art- design and manufactured it in Italy upon the best admired and recognized quality. 
Creating MUSE as a brand wrote a new page in the history of ceramic tile, and highlighted the crafted process by exporting its quality of the made in Italy across China.
Launch & Release
KITO and MILANO EXPO signed a key uniqueness sponsor for sole strategic partner of the “ Porcelain Glaze Tile “ category.
The universal exposition which made Milan the centre of world attention for six months on 2015 represented for KITO a truly historic opportunity to showcase on an international level KITO’s Brand incredible potential, intrinsic value and inherent beauty. 
MILANO Expo 2015's theme was "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". 

KITO to empower its style, boost its Look Book, and elevate its content for contemporary style , in august 2015 has released a variety of new products :
Amanda, Cassero, Ales, Old Wood and Spring .
All of these with a functional and aesthetically pleasing Mood Board for your living
Groundbreaking ceremony
In May, KITO officially inaugurated the new headquarters resulting from a project costing over 200 million Yuan. The ambitious interior design project carried out by two important Italian designers has been aimed at developing solutions suitable to interpret, enhance and define the environment from a stylistic and contemporary point of view. The opening ceremony was attended by thousands of designers, retailers, distinguished guests and many mainstream national media.
Outstanding Achievements Certificate

October was an important period that marked KITO's achievements that two of its products - Black Mamba and Rock - has won a gold medal and two silver medals at the "Foshan International Building Sanitary Ceramics Industrial Design Competition 2017.

Future Factory
Smart Factory & Innovation : The Evolution of Manufacturing 
KITO is committed to the innovation processwhat makes the difference.
Optimizing the Manufacturing Line and Ensuring Flexibility
One of the key technology is automation. KITO has successfully utilized automation technology refined over the years and ensured flexibility in the construction of the manufacturing line to integrate multi-step processes, doubling the conventional productivity. 
We have decided to broadly share our experience and expertise with manufacturing companies. We are working on building manufacturing lines that utilize automation technology to improv productivity. The latest technology is to help KITO become more efficient and competitive,
The Jingdezhen factory site added two new entirely production lines, successfully put into operation in September.
Tackle the big project
KITO has been co-awarded the massive contract to provide its products to the construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport, project opened on September 25th 2019, which shows the company professional commitment to serve national projects.
The world’s biggest single-building airport terminal has opened in Beijing.
Work on the building began less than five years ago. 
KITO strengthens its position as a leading company and a well-reputated ceramic manufacturer in the world. The company is operating in providing architectural surface solutions to all sectors: from housing, offices and industrial buildings to shopping, exhibition and leisure centers, hotels and public amenities (hospitals, schools, universities, and sports/transport facilities).
Seeking Innovation, Committed to Excellence
KITO continuously promotes a development policy by updating and enhancing its productivity through significant investments of its Sanshui production facilities in Guangdong and Jingdezhen in Jianqxi Province.
After 18 months of work in Sanshui, KITO has expanded existing buildings and installed a new line that will allow the production of innovative large ceramic slabs 
A new KITO Foam production line is already operational in Sanshui and will soon be operational in Jingdezhen to increase KITO Foam's annual capacity considerably.
This new industrial lines enable KITO to reach high levels of quality and  implementing product technical features  that meet the highest demands of today and tomorrow in “ Architectural Covering Surface ,” said the company.
The line layout often needs major changes with changes in product design 
Requires higher investment in production facilities
This is a further step towards the implementation of surface solutions following the development  process based on high-impact emerging technologies will enable KITO’s organization to focus its innovation activities.