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A Growing reputation :

A founder’s vision, therefore, created the KITO’s company culture, he shaped, cemented and leveraged his company cultures to create the greatest impact for his organization. Organizational culture at KITO’s is one of the most important differentiator company possess—and it’s doing hard work for over 17 years.  

This is visible through the company’s culture, the brand, and brand values of our company are ultimately determined. In a world where new products are constantly emerging it is the strong adherence to our vision and the culture and brand it creates that ultimately engages our customers to become loyal supporters and fervent defenders of our company. KITO’s culture is what we believe in and how we behave. A great growing reputation that does what we say it does comes from a Team that has a coherent culture that allows them to know what to do, and a coherent culture comes from a strong and clear vision from the Company’s leadership team.

A Worldwide Expansion :

For over 17 years, KITO has been the trusted industry leader in ceramic manufacturing to architectural solutions. Our team of highly-trained skilled ceramic professional ensure our product is made to exact specifications, quality tested, and held to the highest standards in the industry.

While the company’s industrial chain have all kind of technological innovations
including latest advancements which going to shape the entire production , the R&D ( Research & Development Dept. ) driven-activity invest resources to anticipate and meet the influence of market demand upon innovation, trend, fashion, style and quality of ceramic surfaces as architectural solution..

Business Essentials – 

Seeking diversification to obtain synergies. :

KITO’s brand differentiation and business transformation, is the creation of a new idea, product line and service spinoff. The company’s process of transformation and differentiation has been  created to unearth unrealized opportunities and new audience segments to serve in the Building, Deco, Element of Interior Design & furnishings market.

-KITO : Ceramic / Architectural Surface 
-KLAX : Innotech Surface / Slab 
-KITO Foam : foam insulation products
-KITO – ITC : Information Technology Company 

KITO continued to uphold resource-sharing philosophy to promote operational development. Seizing the tremendous opportunities arising from China's continuous development  strategy and from the development of building market and construction, it deepened its "One Core and Two Wings"
strategy and enhanced its core competencies . As a result, it achieved positive trends overall with steady operation development and business results.

Honors & Awards 

KITO has won consecutive awards and nominations in different years with its consistent investment performance through having a fundamental research-driven approach and a long-term investment philosophy. 
KITO is one of the most influential Ceramic Group in Asia, and this is the 17th year that it has received awards & recognition of its Achievements & Performances.
At present, KITO has been recognized and qualified as a national high-tech enterprise and has been certified and approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security for having implemented and developed a significant numbers of designated research activities with the achievement of 280  filed and granted patents recognized by research institutes on the regional and national territory.

Our Standards

KITO enjoys a positive reputation in the industry because of our commitment to our core values and the highest standards of ethical behavior. These commitments will not be compromised, under any circumstance, by our aspirations to grow. Ethics and compliance form the foundation of our business activities and are at the forefront of every business decision we make and every action we take. We all follow our code .

Each of us is accountable for upholding our commitment to our ethical standards, which requires more than following laws and regulations. It’s living our core values. It’s being kind, fair and honest – it’s doing the right thing. 
Our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics describes the expectations set for your behavior, from our commitment to treat each other kindly to our zero tolerance for fraud, bribery or corruption. It reflects who we are, how we work and is based on our core values and the law. 
The reputation of KITO , and the trust and confidence of our stakeholders, is crucial to the continued success of our business.