Porcelain Slab

Porcelain Slab

What's Porcelain Slab? 

  •    It is technical ceramic featuring extra-large sizes and a low thickness, with the characteristics of porcelain tile,
  •    The porcelain slabs of exceptional beauty and versatility do not fear the ravages of tile.
  •    As it is sintered tile, it has good processability of cutting and hole drilling.

    The physical and mechanical characteristics of porcelain slab, together with the KITO variety of thicknesses, surfaces and designs,
    make it possible to combine performance, user-friendliness and versatility, offering the ideal solution for floors and walls,
    and as a surface for furnishings, not only in both residential but also contract settings.

6 Usages of Porcelain Slab

Kitchen counter top          

To cover worktops and kitchens of any shape and size.             

Bathroom vanity top   

 Also with washbasin covering 



Architectural finishings, shelves and functional details.   


In/ Outdoor table 

Tables and cofee tables  of all sizes for indoor and outdoor use


Outdoor furniture          

thin and workable vertically  


Stair / steps       

Workable to create stairs and steps 


 Superior Performance of Porcelain Slab

     Strongly heat resistant                          Non-combustible
       Frost resistant                                      Non-absorbent     
       Easy to clean                                        Resistant to common acids     
       Resistant, Compact surface                 Suitable for contact with foodstuffs   
       Color stable