Purchasing Guide: Honed VS Polished Tiles

Purchasing Guide: Honed VS Polished Tiles

Purchasing Guide: Honed VS Polished Tiles
Do you have interest to learn more about honed VS polished tiles? You don't need to look other articles! KITO could give you the answer which disperse your confusion. From materials to edges or finishes. Something that seems simple, you will find profound elements in it. In this page, here is the comparison on polished vs honed tiles.

What is honed tiles?

First, we know that hone is a word that means a hetstone made of fine gritstone which used for sharpening razors. Therefore, we could know that honed tiles are associated with the finish technology. The honed finish is even, smooth in texture, and generally matte. Such a finish is an opposite against the shin and glossy finish. In tile industry, most honed products are travertine and limestone slabs, and some marbles. It is because the procedure of honing would show the the natural colour tones and characteristics of natural stone tiles in the largest extent. Most people also choose this type of tiles as floor tiles.

What is polished tiles?

 The definition of polished is the opposite of the honed. The polished tiles have a glossy shine from the natural reflection of the natural stone. Under a series of polishing wheels with increasingly finer pads and the assistance of the water and polishing, the surface of stone tiles become smooth and shiny. The polished tiles bring a feel of luxury into the user’s house decoration. As for the raw materials, Marble is a type of stone that is often polished.

Which is better honed or polished?

Facing the oppose of the polished tiles and honed tiles, you may hesitate to decide which type of tiles you should choose for your project. Here, the author will list a table to show you the differences between honed tiles and polished tiles.
  Honed tiles Polished tiles
Durability Scratch resistant, but easily stained Scratch and etch easily, but more stain-resistant
Application Countertops and high traffic areas,
 such as foyer, living room, etc
Kitchen and bathroom
countertops, fireplace surrounds, and walls


Furthermore, If you select large polished porcelain tiles as your floor tiles, the overall image of your floor also becomes more modern and atmospheric. In brief, honed tiles could represent natural pattern to you which create your floor or wall become a large picture. As for the polished tiles, it could give you elegant reflection of light. No matter which tiles you decide to choose, you should choose the tiles which match your home decoration. If you would like to scratch resistant tiles, honed tiles could be on your shopping list. If you want to shop honed tiles or polished tiles, KITO is your ideal supplier, manufacturer, and company.
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