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KITO takes providing top-quality ceramic tile as a duty, always focusing on the design of the ceramic tile. We majorly manufacture porcelain tile which is highly durable and require low maintenance. On this page, allow me to introduce the applications of the ceramic tiles, to help you choose the right outdoor tile and indoor tiles.

KITO Outdoor Tile

Relying on the best raw materials, KITO outdoor tiles are adopted in most major outdoor projects, including public facilities projects, hotel decoration projects, and so on. KITO’s outdoor tile is the best tile for the outdoor patio.
The KITO’s gray outdoor tile is the best option for a commercial outdoor place, with its great stain resistance and great color compatilibity. The outdoor house tiles are the new and modern way to make your house design harmonious. Unlike traditional patios, tiles outdoor floor can be laid in various ways.

KITO Bathroom Ceramic Tile

Our bathroom floor tiles are efficient enough to resist moisture and show great water resistance characteristics. Furthermore, KITO also introduces the best bathroom wall tiles to the public. The wonderful decorative ceramic tile gets rid of the dull form of the traditional bathroom tiles.

KITO’s Kitchen Tile

The kitchen is a high-traffic area. Therefore, we should not pay careless about the choice of the kitchen floor tiles. Considering the kitchen floor is often wet, non slip kitchen floor tiles are highly recommended. As for the kitchen wall tiles, KITO’s ceramic kitchen wall tiles present a plain, smooth, and natural texture and show the delicate and natural shine. 


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