Landula Grey

Introducing the Landula Grey Ceramic Tile, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends the richness of stone with the durability of porcelain. The exquisite stone mix cement design imparts a simplicity that belies its inherent elegance, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated yet understated aesthetic.

Available in two highly sought-after sizes, namely 600x1200x10mm and 600x600x10mm, the Landula Grey tile offers versatility in application. The color palette includes two widely embraced shades, the contemporary Light Grey and the timeless Dark Grey, providing options that cater to diverse design preferences.

One of the standout features of the Landula Grey tile is its robust safety profile. With an impressive antislip grade reaching R10, this tile is not only visually appealing but also practical for both commercial and residential spaces. Its adaptability ensures that it can seamlessly integrate into a variety of environments, providing a safe and stylish flooring solution for a range of settings.

Embrace the allure of Landula Grey Ceramic Tile, where sophistication meets functionality, making a statement in every space it graces.
Applications Interior  Floors Exterior Floors Interior Walls Exterior Walls
Domestic purpose
Commercial area
Light commercial
Technical Data
Modulus of rupture Minimum≥35
Coefficient of static friction Dry: 0.95 Wet: 0.73
Water absorption ≤0.5%
Breaking strength ≥1300
Packing Info
Size(mm) Box Pallet Container
Pcs Sqm Kg Ctn Sqm Kg Plt Size(mm) Plt Ctn Sqm G.W
3200x1600x6 / 5.12 73 20 102.4 175 1635  Wooden crate 3500x1780x450 4 80
Landula Grey