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KITO's marble effect porcelain tile boasts cutting-edge technology that sets it apart from its contemporaries. Innovatively designed and luxuriously crafted, each tile features a new aesthetic that is set to transform traditional porcelain tiling forever. KITO's patented stone touch surface technology ensures that each tile looks and feels like natural marble - with the added benefit of being slip-resistant (R10), abrasion-resistant (PEI 4), and resistant to stains (class 5). 

What makes KITO's stone touch surface porcelain tile truly unique, however, is the way in which the texture of each tile appears to have grown naturally within it. A masterclass in blending traditional molds with digital mixing techniques, KITO's stone touch surface porcelain tile is the perfect embodiment of artful craftsmanship merged with state-of-the-art technology. 

Not only do they look and feel spectacular, but KITO's stone touch surface porcelain tiles are also highly resilient and easy to maintain. Their durable construction makes them resistant to all of the daily wear and tear that comes with busy environments, making them the ideal choice for both commercial and residential applications. 

Whether you're looking for a stylish and practical option for your home, or are in search of a quality solution for a commercial space, KITO's marble effect porcelain tile is the perfect choice. Blending elegance with practicality, this cutting-edge technology is poised to create a new standard for luxurious and long-lasting porcelain tiling.
  Applications Interior  Floors Exterior Floors Interior Walls Exterior Walls              
  Domestic purpose              
  Commercial area              
  Light commercial              
  Technical Data                      
  Modulus of rupture Minimum≥35              
  Coefficient of static friction Dry: 0.95 Wet: 0.73              
  Water absorption ≤0.5%              
  Breaking strength ≥1300              
  Packing info                      
  Size(mm) Box Pallet Container 1x20’ GP
  Pcs Sqm G.W./Kg Ctn Sqm Kg Plt Size(mm) Plt Ctn Sqm G.W
  1500x750x11 2 2.25 58.5 23 51.75 1346  1560x735x920 20 460 1035 26910 
Heather Grey