Unleash Elegance with KITO best bathroom wall tiles Meteor Collection

Immerse yourself in the artistry of design with KITO Meteor Collection, crafted using state-of-the-art 3D inkjet printing technology that replicates the smooth texture reminiscent of a spirited stallion. These tiles boast a 3D effect, bringing a touch of sophistication to your space.

The primary tiles feature a captivating interplay of deep and light grey tones, while the decor tile showcases a dynamic mix of hues. Under the expertise of KITO's Sugar Glaze technology, these tiles boast a refined touch that becomes truly enchanting when illuminated by light, creating a bling effect.

Available in three sizes - 600x600x10mm, 1200x600x10mm, and 1800x900x9mm - the Meteor Collection provides flexibility to suit various spatial requirements. Elevate your surroundings with the dynamic interplay of colors and textures found in KITO best bathroom wall tiles Meteor Collection, where innovation meets timeless beauty.
Packing info
Size(mm) Box Pallet Container
Pcs Sqm Kg Ctn Sqm Kg Plt Size(mm) Plt Ctn Sqm G.W
1200x600x10 3 2.16 51 24 51.84 1224  960x1240 20 480 1036.8 24480 
600x600x10 4 1.44 33 36 51.84 1188  1100x1100 22 792 1140.48 26136 
1800×900×10 1 1.62 34.5 50 81 1725  1920*1100*1070 crate 12 600 972 20700
Applications Interior  Floors Exterior Floors Interior Walls Exterior Walls
Domestic purpose
Commercial area ×
Light commercial
Technical Data
Modulus of rupture Minimum≥35
Coefficient of static friction Dry: 0.95 Wet: 0.73
Water absorption ≤0.5%
Breaking strength ≥1300