Perla Gold

Kito Perla Gold - Stone Touch Surface Tile That Looks Like Marble

1. Unmatched Durability: Rated at 6 on the Mohs hardness scale and 4 for abrasion resistance, our tiles are scratch and wear-resistant, ensuring they remain flawless even in high-traffic areas.
2. Easy Maintenance: With a superior level 5 stain resistance, our tiles are a breeze to clean and maintain. From the busiest hotels to your cozy home, they can handle it all.
3. Elegantly Embellished: Our tiles feature intricately woven gold and silver veins, naturally meandering through the stone patterns, creating a beautifully harmonious flow.
4. Revolutionary True Stone Look Technology: We have perfected this exclusive patent, capturing the finest details of natural stone, and transcending conventional design to convey an artistic essence.
5. 2 Sizes: 1200x1200x9 / 2700x1200x9

Elevate your spaces with the allure of real stone, and discover the perfect blend of practicality and artistic elegance with our Stone-patterned Porcelain Tiles. Choose excellence for your interiors.
Applications Interior  Floors Exterior Floors Interior Walls Exterior Walls
Domestic purpose
Commercial area
Light commercial
Technical Data
Modulus of rupture Minimum≥35
Coefficient of static friction Dry: 0.95 Wet: 0.73
Water absorption ≤0.5%
Breaking strength ≥1300
Packing Info
Size(mm) Box Pallet Container
Pcs Sqm Kg Ctn Sqm Kg Plt Size(mm) Plt Ctn Sqm G.W
1200×1200×9 2 2.88 72 30 86.4 2160  1200×2900×750 6 180 518.4 12960 
Perla Gold