Inspired by the tranquil tones of glaciers and the pristine clarity of Antarctic stones, we meticulously blend layers of unique hues to evoke the exquisite beauty of jade intertwined with the icy allure of glacial landscapes. 
This best tabletop material PULLOS slab each layer is thoughtfully crafted to replicate the intricate textures and subtle variations found in jade, imparting a sense of refined elegance and sophistication to the surface. 
Moreover, the addition of glistening diamond-like granules adds a radiant sparkle, infusing the space with vitality and charm, while evoking the mesmerizing essence of natural formations.
Applications Interior  Floors Exterior Floors Interior Walls Exterior Walls
Domestic purpose
Commercial area
Light commercial

Technical Data
Modulus of rupture Minimum≥35
Coefficient of static friction Dry: 0.95 Wet: 0.73
Water absorption ≤0.5%
Breaking strength ≥1300
Packing Info
Size(mm) Box Pallet Container
Pcs Sqm Kg Ctn Sqm Kg Plt Size(mm) Plt Ctn Sqm G.W
2700x1200x6 / 3.24 46 56 181.44 150 2726 6 336 1088.64 15456