3 Best Tiles for Home

3 Best Tiles for Home

3 Best Tiles for Home
The tiles mean a lot for our home, the most significant place for our whole life. But which tiles are best for our home? Which one should I use in the kitchen? What about the living room floor?

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are one of the most practical and aesthetic tiles for your home, especially your kitchen. First, because of its low water absorption rate, there are no water stains on the surface of the marble tiles. Also, it could used for the outdoor floor.Second, with its special natural stone pattern and characters, then marble tiles could be the best decoration in your home. Depending on its practical and aesthetic features, it is the first best tiles for a home.75x150cm is the most ideal and suitable size to be used on the floor and wall. This size could present the natural charm of tiles. 
white and grey marble tiles

When you first see the Crystal Gotha marble tiles, you will immediately indulge in the rich sparkle and shine. The marble tiles create an illusion that you are living in the aboard ocean or natural wonderland. Also, the smooth surface offers timeless beauty, a sophisticated feel, and elegant choice. 

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are the most matured tiles in the market. High durability, wear-resistant, easy to clean are The porcelain tiles are the best tiles for many areas in your home, such as a bathroom, kitchen, balcony. If your family also has pets, the porcelain tiles make your cleaning job easier. This type of tiles can be used indoor and outdoor. 30x60cm porcelain tiles are the ideal size for the floor. 
If you want to find the best quality porcelain tiles, the porcelain tiles in China are your best choice. The porcelain tiles in India seem to be affordable and of great quality. Don’t forget, why China called China? Relying on thousands of porcelain history, porcelain tiles manufacturers in China offer fabulous porcelain tiles that can be out of your expectation.
best tiles for kitchen
The Beauty series glazed porcelain tile presents you a graceful and extremely simple look that is different from other floor or wall tiles. You could apply this type of tiles to the floor, wall. Also, the beauty sandstone series glazed porcelain tile is widely used indoors and outdoors.

Sintered Slab Porcelain Tiles

The sintered slab porcelain tiles are the all-purpose tiles, from kitchen countertop surface to bathroom floor. Like the porcelain tiles, sintered slab porcelain tiles are both made by “sintering” raw material. The design of sintered slabs tiles is similar to the dimensions of traditional natural and engineered slates used for countertops and other work surfaces.
Therefore, the sintered slab porcelain tiles are the ideal tiles for the countertop. Compared with ordinary porcelain tiles, the sintered slab porcelain tiles have many relative advantages. First, more holistic. If the sintered slabs are selected as the surface material with a large area, it can reduce the division of space.
living room wall decor tiles
The sintered slab porcelain tiles are the best combination of black, white, and gold colors. This harmonious combination creates an image evocative of floating clouds and flowing water. The tile size of 180x90cm expands the indoor space in the view of vision. The crystal “sugar” effect surface also adds sophisticated feeling and charm to the decoration of the space.


Marble tiles, porcelain tiles, and Sintered Slab Porcelain Tiles are the three best tiles for your home. Marble tiles are both aesthetic and practical tiles for your home. The porcelain tiles are versatile for different areas of your home. The sintered slab porcelain tiles are the best tiles for your home countertop.
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