How to Choose the Right Bathroom Floor Tiles?

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Floor Tiles?

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Floor Tiles?
When we want to design the house decoration, we may over-focus on the decoration of the living room and bedroom, instead of the bathroom and kitchen. Actually, we frequently use these two places in our daily life. Furthermore, both of them have close relationships with the water. Because of their special features, each detail of their decoration should be designed carefully. However, we also should pay more attention to the major part of the decoration. For an instance, we should more focus on the bathroom floor tiles which both play a vital role in the function and decoration of the bathroom.

●First: Anti-Slip Tiles

A bathroom is a place where we take a shower, so the whole space is usually wet, especially the floor tiles. With this in mind, we should select the anti-slip tiles, so as to avoid slipping and creating potential safety hazards.

Second: Maintenance

There are two major dirt issues in the bathroom. One is hair, the other one is the yellow water stain. Therefore, we, especially the hoteliers, also should consider the issue of maintenance. Generally speaking, the Grey porcelain tiles is a relatively ideal choice, for it is stain-resistant. The light-grey porcelain tiles could make the hairs' existence not obvious and the dirt not too eye-catching.

Third, Uneven Surface Tiles

Most people may think that the floor tiles with uneven surfaces are the best anti-slip tiles. Wrong! As a bathing space, the bathroom is required to drain away bath water as soon as possible, so as to avoid creating a comfortable environment to breed the bacteria. Therefore, we can’t select the uneven tiles as the floor tiles. The uneven surface not only hinders the draining water but also provides a suitable place for the breeding of bacteria.

Four, Color

I have already published a special article on the choice of the color of the bathroom tiles. Therefore, I list briefly the relatively vital color of floor tiles in the following parts.
Grey is an elegant and practical floor tile color. Grey tiles are the wild card in the decoration. Also, taking the anti-slippery and other factors into consideration, grey matte floor tiles is the best and common choice in the floor decoration project.
Light brown and light yellow are also the kinds of colors that don’t stick out the issues of hair and stain. These two-color tiles are commonly seen in traditional decoration. Nowadays, more and more hardcover houses also use these two colors as the color of the floor tiles.
Light-blue tiles not only express the design concept of the water but also create an illusion that indulges in the ocean to owners. It's  because the bathroom has a strong relationship to the water.


As a function-oriented space, the bathroom should be designed in the practical direction. Therefore, after the above illustration, anti-slip and waterproof are the keys point in the choice of bathroom floor tiles.
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