Ultimate Guide: What is Water Absorption Rate

Ultimate Guide: What is Water Absorption Rate

Ultimate Guide: What is Water Absorption Rate
Porcelain tiles are a kind of building decoration whose raw material is clay. The porcelain tiles have to pass several tests before they launch in the market. The Water absorption rates are one of the most important indicators the qualified porcelain tiles should have. But what is water absorption? And how to define it?
Then Follow me to understand the water absorption rate!

What is Water Absorption Rate?

The water absorption rate indicates the weight rate at which the water adhering the open pores. In other words, water absorption measures present how much moisture a specific type of stone is likely to absorb on an ongoing basis. This rate could directly reflect the intensity of the products and the dirty resistance.

What are Open Pores in Tiles?

In the firing procedure of the porcelain tiles, the raw material of the porcelain tile will produce a kind of gas. Most part of the gas can be expelled from the adobe of the porcelain tiles. However, the adobe still traps a part of gas. This part of gas would exist in the form of bubbles. Some bubbles are closed pores, and others are open pores.

What could affect the Water Absorption Rate?

The major factors that affect the water absorption rate of the porcelain rate are the formulation and the manufacturing processes (molding pressure, firing methods, etc).

Why the Water Absorption Rate is Important?

Water absorption is widely regarded as the foundation of the quality of all types of tiles. The lower the water absorption in the tiles is, the better performance of the tiles is in strength and density. In addition, the tiles with a low water absorption rate will not easy to crack or peel that caused by the thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, the low water absorption rate porcelain tiles are the ideal choice for the outdoor and the bathroom.

How to Test the Water Absorption Rate?

You could pour a glass of water on the surface of the tiles and obverse the diffusing speed of the water. If you find out the water is quickly diffusing on the tiles. That indicates the water absorption rate of this piece of tiles is relatively high. On the contrary, it indicates the piece of tile has a relatively low water absorption rate.
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