Buyers Guide:Glazed porcelain tile VS Unglazed porcelain tile

Buyers Guide:Glazed porcelain tile VS Unglazed porcelain tile

Buyers Guide:Glazed porcelain tile VS Unglazed porcelain tile
When we buy porcelain tiles in the store, the store owners may ask do you want to pick glazed or unglazed porcelains? Then we may confuse about what is glazed? What is unglazed?Now, let’s clear the differences between glazed porcelain tile and unglazed tile through reading this article.


Glazed tiles go through an extra firing process in the kiln where a layer of liquid glass is coated to the tile at a very high temperature. As for unglazed tiles, they are baked in the kiln and ready for used without any further processing. Because of their different firing process, their characteristics are different.

  Glazed tiles are more stain-resistant because they hold a liquid glass protective coating. It may be best kitchen wall tiles. Also, the color of glazed tiles body is similar with the color of the protective coating so when it chipped, it is not that obvious. But the protective coating is smooth so that the glazed tiles are not slip-resistance. Turn to look the unglazed tiles, unglazed porcelain tiles are more slip-resistant for it relatively coarse. The unglazed tiles could be used for anti slip outdoor tile

KITO Sugar Glazed Porcelain Tile- elegant Kitchen


Various Style Options for Decoration

The characteristics of glazed and unglazed tiles is different in terms of the various style options it comes in. Glazed tiled can be seen three different tyles in market, such as villa, matt and glossy. In KITO, you could see matt glazed porcelain tile, villa glazed porcelain tile and glossy porcelain marble tile. While unglazed comes in polished or semi-polished. To see the effects of these tyles, you could have a look on our KITO glazed porcelain tile:

Glazed tile flooring: The graceful and extremely simple look let it meet various floor and wall style well

Calacatta white porcelain slab is polished with 35° wax light sensation and 81° extreme whiteness.


After finishing this article, you may ask whether I should pick glazed porcelain or not on earth. I would answer you it depends on your intention. It is because each person has his/her different living habits. You could use unglazed porcelain tiles in some places such as bathroom, pool area and other places, or use glazed porcelain tiles in other places where you want to add to the aesthetic of your home. You also notice that, because of different styles of glazed tiles, the glazed tiles price are also different.

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