Buyers Guide: How to choose the right size tile for my project?

Buyers Guide: How to choose the right size tile for my project?

Buyers Guide: How to choose the right size tile for my project?
Tiles, like any aspect of design, are a totally individual choice. What I may love, you may think is awful and you might adore something I wouldn’t particularly focus in my own home. Actually, different tile sizes could impact the overall appearance of a space and can either enhance the design and feel you were going for, or even diminish your purpose. Many people even confuse which size of tile can be used in outside floor tile so that combine the natural elements.


First, we also finds many sizes of tiles. You should measure the space where the tile will be installed. Second, before you decide on the size of the tile, you’ll need to understand the overall design and feel of your new space.
Usually, the larger tiles could make the space more cleaner and more expand. Compared with the larger tiles, the smaller tiles have more grout lines which make the space looks smaller and crowded. Therefore, If you hope expand the space, you could choose the large tile. For an example, if you choose living room wall decor tiles, floor do best with larger tiles to open and expand the space.
 Large size of 1800×900mm and continuous patterns throughout the tile make the space majestic and luxurious.

Pros & Cons

Although the large tiles have more advantages, the small tiles also emulate a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to a space. The small tiles could be used in the area which needs to provide a comfortable space, such as the balcony, secret garden and so on.You use small tile as balcony floor tiles, you can decorate your balcony more relax and create an intimate setting.

Matt glazed porcelain tiles
Many technologies have gathered in this glazed porcelain tiles. If you look at this tile carefully, you could explore this tile was manufactured with glossy granules, overglaze, ink-jet printing and so on. The glossy granules deliver a glittering effect, and the matte surface makes porcelain tiles more vivid. Fabric series glazed porcelain tiles give people a tranquil and warm feeling.

The small tiles not only is a atmosphere maker, but also is flexible tiles. installation in tricky areas of your home is easier when you choose a small tile. You won’t have to cut down or trim your tiles as often to overcome obstacles.


No matter small or big tiles, they have their own functions. If you still confuse which tiles size you should choose, you could ask custom-made wholesaler for helps. In there, you would find the best deck tiles or best patio tiles which suit to your project design.

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