5 Tips For Choosing A China Tile Supplier

5 Tips For Choosing A China Tile Supplier

5 Tips For Choosing A China Tile Supplier

How to choose the best China tile suppliers? Here are a few tips and suggestions that may help you find a right China tile supplier.

1. Do your homework

  •  Before making any commitment in time or money, learn all you can about the factory in advance. First of all, if you have conditions, you may do a search on the English-language Chinese government website. The government website is a authoritative information provider which offers relevant information about licenses, outstanding liens, and the names of principal ownership. 
  • Second, Before you decide to get the quotations, you also should decide which tile do you want to purchase. It is because each tile factory has its strengthen and shortage. Some suppliers specialize in rustic tile or sintered tile. If you don’t know which type of tile want to buy, it’s waste of time to do research. 
  • Third, Take your time to track down any previous customers and inquire about their past experiences if possible. It is because you may get the truest evaluation from your customers. You also could evaluate whether the tile supplier is great from learning their projects. Generally, a company operating in China which have worked with famous major brands for years and so they have an excellent reputation for goods quality and reliability.Just like KITO, it makes corporations with famous commerical companies and undertakes many major projects.

Hampton Inn by Hilton, Canada

2. Field Visit In Person

  You can’t evaluate a company from the quotations in hand. The low price doesn’t stand for the right one. You should field visit in person to learn the product procedure. Also, in case the translator cheats you, you should hire a translator who has no relationship with the factory. When you’re in a facility that appears well-organized and well-equipped, you also should confirm the factory is the place that produces your products.

3. Never take anything for granted

  When you purchase the goods in bulks, do not take it for granted that the supplier will free shipping. The supplier also earn money to run their own factory. If you ask for free shipping, they may think you don’t know what you are talking about.

4. Communicate with the engineers

  If possible, we could communicate with the tile engineer about their products. It is because the engineers deeply understand the design concept of their tiles, especially decor tile. Tile is not only a literal tile, but also an external art. Further more, the engineer also could give some advice for your projects. They provides professional suggestions to help you finish the project.

20mm(2cm) outdoor tiles
This is KITO's Japan Tokyo project, using 2cm outdoor and indoor tiles.

5. Understand different cultures

   There are huge differences between Chieses language cluture and our English language cultures. Because of it, misunderstanding is inevitable. Therefore, you should pay more patience in communication. Further more, only if you pay more attention to the communication, you could easily find a good China tile supplier.


Although there are many good and high quality tile company in China, you also should pay attention to the methods of searching for tile suppliers. It is because you have no deep understanding about Chinese tile market and various Chinese suppliers have vary levels of quality products.
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