Gloss Tiles or Matt Tiles: Which is better?

Gloss Tiles or Matt Tiles: Which is better?

Gloss Tiles or  Matt Tiles: Which is better?

What is Gloss tiles?

Gloss tiles, as its name suggests, are shiny, light-reflecting tiles. The reflection of these tiles could visually expand the small spaces and allows limited light to bounce back and forth around the room, especially white gloss tiles. Therefore, most customers commonly purchase white gloss tiles to decorate the wall, which creates a bright and spacious indoor space.

  Are gloss tiles slippery?

  Yes, because of its smooth surface, there is a potential risk of being slippery. Furthermore, the floor covered by gloss tiles is more slippery when there is water or oil on it.

  Do gloss tiles scratch easily?

  Although there is a smooth surface covering the body of the glossy tiles, it also can be scratched easily without correct protection. The scratch also affects the total reflection of the light.

What is Matt tiles?

Matt tiles are a kind of tiles with a non-reflective surface. Although they have similar manufacturing process, the texture and surface of these two types of tiles are total different. Lacking of reflection of  light, the matt tiles would make the compact room look smaller.

Matt glazed porcelain tiles
It gives you a elegant and exquisite indoor decoration. If you selcet its large size, it also could let you indulge in a wonderful environment.

Which is better matt or gloss tiles?

Although both of them use the same raw material, the characters of matt tiles and gloss tiles are different. The gloss tiles are covered with a glazed coating of liquid glass, which is the major way of distinguishing the difference between gloss tiles and matt tiles. If you’ve read this far, it probably you also wonder which tiles are better between matt tiles or gloss tiles. However, both of them also have their advantages and disadvantages. The author will make a comparison in the following paragraphs.


  Cleaning is the first thing that springs to our minds. If you want to choose a tile that is easy to clean between matt tiles and gloss tiles, I would recommend gloss tiles to you. You have no cleaning difficulty with smooth surface gloss tiles. If you have no time to do routine cleaning, you could choose matt tiles that do not reveal smudges and dried water droplets easily. Furthermore, the non-reflective surface of matt tiles is good at concealing stains, smudges, and dirt.

  Slip resistance

  In the competition of slip resistance, matt tiles are the winner in this game with their relative coarse. The texture of matt tiles could well match with a traditional, rustic, or industrial-style house.

Sandstone tiles series adds a texture of sophistication and nature into your indoor tiles, with its natural unique lines.


All in all, you could follow your preference to choose the type of tiles. Gloss tiles could give you a bright indoor space. The matt tiles could relieve your housework burden. Choosing the right tiles means you choose tiles that meet your decoration needs.
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