Jingdezhen Base Of KITO Green Energy Material Technology Is Officially Put Into Production.

Jingdezhen Base Of KITO Green Energy Material Technology Is Officially Put Into Production.

Jingdezhen Base Of KITO Green Energy Material Technology Is Officially Put Into Production.
At 10:18 on August 8, 2021, 16 torches representing 「digital, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, ecology, green, low carbon, solid waste, production and research, lean, assembly, integration, recycling, environmental protection, innovation and sustainability」were burning in Jingdezhen base of KITO Green Energy Material Technology.Carrying KITO's mission of “We enable economic growth through innovative, aesthetically-appealing and sustainable product’s development, and we consistently provide solutions that support communities and protect the planet.”, the fire of science and technology was officially put into the kiln. Kilns No. 1 and No. 2, which consume more than 500000 tons of solid waste a year, are officially ignited. With KITO's commitment to promoting green sustainable development and achieving carbon neutralization,we are going to the future with all our strength.

Jingdezhen base of KITO Green Energy Material Technology is officially put into production.

Sun Xin, member of the Party Group and Vice Mayor of Jingdezhen Municipal People's Government  delivered a speech.

Liu Zili, Party Secretary and Chairman of Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Tourism Group delivered a speech.

Cheng Xinyu, County Party Secretary of Fuliang County delivered a speech.

Li Changqun, Deputy Secretary General of Foshan Municipal Government and President of Foshan Institute of industrial technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences delivered a speech.

He Qian, Chairman of KITO group, delivered a speech at the meeting.

In his speech, He Qian, Chairman of KITO group, mentioned that: This year is the opening year of the "National 14th Five Year Plan", the foundation year of Jingdezhen's "New Three-Year Development Plan 2021-2023", and also the key turning year for the development of KITO group and KITO Green Energy Material Technology in Jingdezhen.In the next three years, KITO Jingdezhen will take advantage of the policy to strengthen the development of green building materials industry. The No. 1 and No. 2 kilns about to be ignited adopt the most advanced process and technology at present, realize the informatization, intellectualization and digitization of the production process, and represent the highest level of green new material production process and technology. It can be said that the most advanced production line of green new material is now in Jingdezhen, in KGE Jingdezhen. With the formal operation of the production line, KGE Jingdezhen will become a landmark factory for solid waste utilization, green recycling and intelligent manufacturing industry tourism in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province and even the whole China.

The production of KGE Jingdezhen will certainly draw a heavy color for Jingdezhen city on the territory of China's green building materials industry and contribute an emerging force to the transformation and upgrading of the Millennium porcelain capital industry. The new green materials produced by KGE Jingdezhen have unique product characteristics, such as thermal insulation, light weight and high strength, waterproof and anti-corrosion, which greatly reduce the building weight, reduce the building energy consumption and improve the quality of construction projects. As a building material, green new materials realize industrialized production and processing, assembly installation on site, greatly improve the construction environment, greatly reduce the labor intensity and greatly improve the installation efficiency.

At present, KITO group is making intensive preparations for its listing. The development speed, scale and quality of KITO group in Jingdezhen city are related to the overall development of KITO group. The new KGE production line will build the most advanced intelligent manufacturing production line in the industry based on information, intelligence and data, and promote the development strategic plan of KITO in Jingdezhen city in the next three years.

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