Enhance Your Hotel’s Aesthetic with High-Quality KITO Ceramic Tiles

Enhance Your Hotel’s Aesthetic with High-Quality KITO Ceramic Tiles

Enhance Your Hotel’s Aesthetic with High-Quality KITO Ceramic Tiles
Project Name | Dali S Bay Resort Hotel
Project Address | Yunnan China
Project Type | Resort Hotel
Ceramic Tiles Brand | KITO

The hotel building retains the overall appearance of the original ancient Bai architecture, and through its walls and floors, it seems as if you can hear the soft murmurs and gentle songs of Bai traditional culture from a thousand years ago.
Whether it is the small courtyard on the first floor or the terraces and guest rooms on the second and third floors, all offer expansive views, creating a rich interaction with the environment and a relaxed vacation atmosphere.
KITO ceramic tile  'ALES' ash gray stone bricks are laid along the path, with their authentic natural texture evoking an unadorned natural beauty.

The first floor serves as a public space, encompassing a reception hall, tea room, dining room, and coffee bar. The diverse business model is reflected in the design, allowing guests to enjoy tea and a variety of coffee and desserts during non-dining hours.
The flooring is laid with ceramic tile 'STORY Ⅰ' which imparts a sense of balance and stability. The tiles exude an elegant and natural aesthetic, breaking through the visual fatigue of traditional specifications and bringing a new and extraordinary sense of spaciousness to the area.

The coffee bar is a slow-paced zone, where both hurried travelers and leisurely vacationers can experience the unhurried passage of time and savor the richness of each cup of coffee.
The sea, light, air, and trees form the most natural elements here. Using KITO's 'ALES' cement gray floor tiles and woven rattan chairs as mediums, the serene colors and natural materials integrate the design concept of harmonious coexistence with nature, creating an environment that offers a delightful sensory experience.

Sitting in the dining area, the view extends infinitely, allowing you to gaze at the distant sea or admire the faintly visible mountain scenery. The entire scene is as beautiful as a landscape painting.
In terms of materials, the space features ALES floor tiles with a deep gray texture. The intense light, the texture of the tiles, and the grain of the wood interact to create a striking effect.

The guest rooms feature KITO ceramic tile 'Trani', with unpolished gravel textures that enhance the warm and rustic living atmosphere.

In the guest bathrooms, distinctive KITO stone touch marble tiles are used, with 'OLYMPUS' tiles offering a serene and profound look, and 'PERLA GOLD' tiles providing a warm and elegant feel.

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