KITO Foamed Ceramics showcased at KOREA BUILD WEEK

KITO Foamed Ceramics showcased at KOREA BUILD WEEK

KITO Foamed Ceramics showcased at KOREA BUILD WEEK
From February 21 to 24, 2024, the 4-day KOREA BUILD WEEK was held in Gyeonggi Province. KITO Foamed Ceramics made a stunning appearance, showcasing China's leading capabilities in green building materials to the world.

KOREA BUILD WEEK was established in 1986 and stands as South Korea's largest and longest-running building materials exhibition. It is also the only building exhibition in Korea to receive UFI certification, making it a globally recognized architectural expo. Recognized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy of South Korea as the "Representative Brand Exhibition of the Republic of Korea" and representing the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE), KOREA BUILD WEEK showcases the achievements and trends in the development of the South Korean construction industry. It is widely regarded in the industry as a guiding indicator for the sector's development.

This is the second year of KITO Foamed Ceramics at the exhibition. With unique raw materials, including industrial solid waste and construction debris, foamed ceramics not only effectively alleviate environmental pressures but also achieve the reuse of solid waste, aligning with the requirements of developing a circular economy.
This innovative initiative opens up a comprehensive pathway for the utilization of construction and industrial waste, holding significant importance in driving the development of the global green building materials industry.

At the exhibition, the prefabricated model rooms constructed with KITO Foamed Ceramics and the foamed ceramic perforated bricks attracted the attention of numerous overseas visitors. The outstanding thermal insulation, insulation, waterproofing, and fire-resistant properties of foamed ceramics, coupled with their environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and low-carbon characteristics, have gained widespread recognition in South Korea.
Moreover, foamed ceramics possess advantages such as being lightweight, high strength, and easy to work with, promising a revolutionary transformation for the construction industry. The innovative features of these materials make them appealing to a global audience, showcasing the potential for advancements in the field of green building materials.
Seizing this opportunity, KITO Foamed Ceramics from South Korea engaged in in-depth discussions with local architectural experts, scholars, and industry partners. Together, they explored the future trends in the green building materials industry. This collaborative exchange aims to foster a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape, encourage knowledge-sharing, and promote advancements in sustainable construction practices. The partnership with local stakeholders reflects a commitment to collective efforts in steering the green building materials sector towards innovative and environmentally conscious developments.

In this exhibition, KITO Foamed Ceramics has further showcased its strong capabilities in various aspects, including brand, products, and technology on the international stage. Looking ahead, KITO Foamed Ceramics is committed to anchoring itself in the national "dual carbon" goals. It will continue to accumulate innovative strength, maintain a leading edge in technology, and pioneer more scenario-based solutions. The aim is to empower the creation of a better living environment, contributing even more significantly to the global cause of sustainable development.
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