KITO FOAMED CERAMICS Xiamen International Stone Fair Successfully Concludes!

KITO FOAMED CERAMICS Xiamen International Stone Fair Successfully Concludes!

KITO FOAMED CERAMICS Xiamen International Stone Fair Successfully Concludes!
From March 16th to 19th, the 4-day Xiamen International Stone Fair was splendidly staged, attracting exhibitors, renowned designers, buyers, and visitors from around the globe, creating a bustling atmosphere. KITO FOAMED CERAMICS unveiled new product - KITO LIGHT STONE, at the stone fair, drawing the attention of numerous domestic and international visitors who stopped to admire it. The venue was bustling with inquiries, and the popularity continued to soar.

Xiamen International Stone Fair

With its strong corporate strength and brand charisma, KITO FOAMED CERAMICS shone brightly at this stone fair, reaping abundant rewards. Following the success at the Guangzhou Design Week, KITO LIGHT STONE once again amazed at the Xiamen Stone Fair, garnering significant attention and recognition from the market.

KITO LIGHT STONE is a new type of green and environmentally friendly building material made from industrial waste, construction debris, and building material residues. Through a series of advanced production processes and foaming techniques, it is fired at 1200°C to create a high-porosity, closed-cell ceramic material, which is 100% recyclable and can be reused. Unlike natural stone, KITO LIGHT STONE has a density of only 700-800kg/m³, making it lightweight throughout, with uniform and delicate colors, which are more conducive to post-processing. It also boasts advantages such as fire resistance, waterproofing, moisture resistance, durability, and weather resistance, meeting the demands of modern and efficient decoration that values simplicity and practicality.

In the field of architecture and decoration, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials have become a fashionable and responsible choice. KITO FOAMED CERAMICS will adhere to the core concept of ESG sustainable development, bringing users more high-quality products, services, and solutions, unleashing new productive forces in the construction and decoration industry, opening up imagination space for global designers, and creating more possibilities with diversified application scenarios.


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