KITO I The 133rd Canton Fair 2023

KITO I The 133rd Canton Fair 2023

KITO I The 133rd Canton Fair 2023

On April 15th, the 133rd China Import and Export Fair (referred to as"Canton Fair") arrived as scheduled. KITO brings the "One Core, Two Wings" product to the Canton Fair , with the core concept of "Home | Where the heart is" as the exhibition theme, allowing the world to appreciate the charm of KITO's texture.

In the short period of a few days during the first phase of the Canton Fair, the KITO booth used "One Core, Two Wings" as carriers to create a home that consumers aspire to. Attracting numerous merchants from home and abroad with a more three-dimensional and intuitive booth, they took photos at the KITO booth one after another. KITO pays attention to actual strength, gathering friends from all over the world with a warm home. 

The KITO booth is designed with the concept of "Home | Where the heart is" and is created through the integration of home art and emotion, allowing merchants to immerse themselves and experience the quality and artistic conception of the product. By endowing the space with a warm texture through a unique atmosphere, constructing a avant-garde living environment.

The unique booth design has attracted countless merchants to visit and exchange ideas, and the high-end texture and innovative design of diverse products are the fundamental reasons why KITO can truly attract guests. KITO deeply integrates the business layout of "One Core, Two Wings"with the booth design of the Canton Fair, showing KITO's industry-leading products such as real stone touch product, Metallika, slab, and green energy new materials. The staff warmly introduces the product situation to customers and patiently answers questions, allowing global customers to immerse themselves in the charm of KITO products through watching, listening, and touching, allowing Chinese ceramic tile to go abroad, share textured home life with the world.

KITO's independently developed new product, real stone touch surface, made a stunning appearance at this Canton Fair. Inspired by precious marble from all around the world, the striking feature of stone touch surface lies in its excellent texture. The texture resembles natural growth, and the sense of light and touch is infinitely close to natural stone, truly achieving the goal of "From stone, but more than stone".

Along with the real stone touch surface, KITO Metallika is also popular at this Canton Fair. It interprets modernity and elegance through the metallic luster and texture, satisfying consumers' pursuit of home aesthetics.

It is worth mentioning that KGE foamed ceramic is also popular at this Canton Fair, not only receiving the attention of attending merchants, but also obtaining official recognition from the Canton Fair. KITO breeze block stands out among many exhibited products with its unique artistic effects and unlimited possibilities in space decoration, winning the Gold Award of Design Innovation Award (CF Award) and the Sustainable Development Award at the Canton Fair.

The 133rd Canton Fair has come to a successful conclusion, but KITO's pursuit of a quality home will never stop. In the future, KITO will continue to spare no effort to improve its comprehensive competitiveness, research and produce more high-end quality products, convey KITO's brand value to the world, and share a beautiful home life to our friends all over the world.

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