What is stone touch surface marble look tiles?

What is stone touch surface marble look tiles?

What is stone touch surface marble look tiles?
What is Stone Touch Surface?

The Stone Touch Surface is a new technology for glazed porcelain tile that KITO has the original patent.

The development of Stone Touch Surface requires skilled application of the industry's most advanced digital mold process, Requires first-class camera alignment technology.
It is necessary to combine digital molds with traditional molds, to be familiar with the properties of glazes, and to be proficient in cross-border compounding techniques.
At present, KITO is the only one in the industry can do that.

Natural marble is a metamorphic rock, after crustal movement, thousands of years of accumulation, precipitation, wind and rain, corrosion and other metamorphic, texture is grown from the stone.
However, ordinary marble tiles on the market, the texture are shallow floating on the surface.  It is very different from natural stone.
                      Natural Marble                                                 Ordinary Tile                                                             KITO Stone Touch Tile

KITO introduce a series of Stone Touch Surface marble look tiles,the design is based on the high-end luxury marble selected from all over the world, with the digital mix traditional molds technology, the texture looks like grow naturally inside of the tiles.
At the same time, it is far superior to natural marble in terms of anti-skid, abrasion resistance and stain resistance.
                          Slip resistance R10                                                            Abrasion resistance PEI 4                                                         Stain resistance  class 5



KITO Stone Touch Marble Tiles are from stone, but better than stone.

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